Blue Rock Excavating Ltd.

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Snow Clearing

If you have driven around the Conception Bay North Area on the morning after a fresh snowfall, there is a real good chance, that you have seen some of Blue Rock Excavating's snow clearing equipment. Blue Rock Excavating is a market leader in reliable, dependable snow removal. Whether you need commercial snow removal, or Municipal road plowing and salt and sanding services, Blue Rock does it all. With a fleet of heavy equipment, including loaders, backhoes, tractors, and trucks, we are equipped to handle a small commercial parking lot from a "mom and pop shop" all the way to large parking lots, such as malls, schools, or large retailers.

Salt and Sand

Anybody with a business knows that snow removal is only one small piece of the puzzle, when dealing with winter weather. Blue Rock Excavating offers salt and sand as well, while most people are sleeping, the crew at Blue Rock are getting to work, making sure that your business is safe and accessible for the coming business day.