Blue Rock Excavating Ltd.

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Remote Cabin Development

Nothing is quite as relaxing as a home away from home, a quiet place over looking a pond, nestled in the wilderness.

Developing a cabin in a remote location comes with it's own set of challenges. Without the municipal infrastructure provided in a town or city, A cabin owner must rely on a well for water and a septic system for sewer services. Blue Rock Excavating has vast experience in the installation of complete septic systems. All of our septic systems are installed by professionals and inspected by the proper government agency. The home owner can rest assured that they will have a long lasting septic system for years to come.

Shallow Wells

Even though artisan wells seem to be common place in a lot of cabins in rural areas nowadays, they are not the only solution for fresh clean water. Blue Rock Excavating has been successfully installing shallow wells for cabins, and remote places for years. Using only CSA approved plastic well liners, installed in a manor that is both safe and reliable. These wells can be installed for a fraction of the cost of an artisan well.