Blue Rock Excavating Ltd.

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Landscaping takes finesse and a delicate touch. The biggest equipment isn't always the right tool for the job, sometimes the job requires a smaller more versatile machine. Blue Rock Excavating is equipped with a Kubota U35 mini excavator. The U35 is the largest rubber track excavator that Kubota makes, its small enough to have a small footprint but large enough to move efficiently. The mini excavator is perfect for removing a stubborn tree stump, or for putting the finishing touches on a manicured lawn that would rival any golf course green.

There is no point in having a mini excavator, if you only have a large dump truck to move the topsoil and dirt, that's why we have our U35 paired with a landscaping dump trailer which can be moved around with smaller pickup trucks, to avoid large scale destruction to a finished landscape.

On-site Screening

On-site screening is a service Blue Rock Excavating offers. It allows a customer to take advantage of raw topsoil that's excavated from a piece of land during the early ground work. We can grub off the topsoil, leave it onsite until the final stages of the building process, then return and screen the raw topsoil with our mobile power screen. By utilizing the existing topsoil the customer saves both time and money. 

Screened Topsoil

We also sell screened topsoil, when you are looking for the perfect landscaping job, look no further than finely screened topsoil.